Monday, August 23, 2010

When to Call Your Dentist ? - Dental Advice

When to Call Your Dentist ?

Following may be the fact when you badly need the dentist....

Swollen Gums: It is a warning sign and Its the indication of periodontal gum disease. You must taken care all the importnat things like brushing your teeth properly and also taken care of swollen gums that can be traced back to a bacteria problem.

Bleeding Gums:
Its also the sign of periodontal disease.

Broken Teeth:
You can also take advice from the doctor for your broken teeth. Dentists can change your teeth. Broken teeth is not a good symbol, If you have broken teeth then your smile may go and It may be very ugly in your face. So you can change your teeth with the advice of dentist

Loose Teeth:
Loose teeth are also not good sign. You have to take some advice from your doctor

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Sergio Freddson said...

I never knew that bleeding gums were a sign of a major problem. I always just assumed that it meant you needed to brush more often because your gums were getting too sensitive! I think it's good to have a handful of symptoms to keep an eye out for because it can keep you safe. Thanks for sharing your tips with us!

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